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At Fisherman’s Cove in Eastern Passage, NS, root architecture inc. was initiated to design an addition to the existing Visitors Centre to showcase a collection of hyper-realistic paintings by the recently passed local painter, Clyde Thomas Henneberry. Originally thought of as a small one-room addition, the proposal was expanded to encapsulate a full gallery type experience, and to allow for local artists or vendors to also share in the new space.

The addition relates to the existing building with its material palette, height and varying roof lines, but separates itself with a small buffer that defines the new and existing, while creating a new entrance to the site. Formally, the scheme is organized by two main circulation axis – one to connect across the existing buildings, and second along the east parking area that connects the reception, galleries and community rooms in the new addition. Exposed laminated timbers are visible structural elements on the interior, matched only with polished concrete floors and soft white gallery walls, used to focus attention on the art on display.

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