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Modernization of
recreational amenities.

The Plaza Fitness facility is a major 10,000 sq ft renovation project, where root architecture worked with the client to provide better amenities to a residential high-rise community in downtown Halifax. The redevelopment completely replaces the existing amenities and includes a brand-new gym, change rooms, meeting room, multi-purpose room equipped with kitchenette, dedicated wi-fi zone, and extensive upgrades to the old swimming pool and hot tub.

In terms of functionality, the main corridor and lobby connect to the new gym, pool, and dressing rooms. Some of the walls on the gym were made transparent, intended to expand interior and exterior relationships, and bring in additional daylight to ultimately promotes the wellbeing of tenants and staff. To improve the use of the existing wide circulation space, an exclusive wi-fi zone complete with charging stations and lounge furniture was envisioned as space where tenants can read a book, take a private phone call, or browse the web.

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